Sunday, 24 January 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW// Colour Freedom, Metallic Glory Hair Dye

Dear all,

Few days ago I decided to change my hair, I mean my color of ombre. Before I had ginger hair but I get bored of it and quite tired of this brightness so I decided to change it on silver - grey color. But everything was not so easy as I thought..  So be ready for long post, but I hope it will help someone who will decide to change color from ginger to silver/grey.

Firstly I tried to remove my ginger color but it by 'London Bleach Remover Shampoo', but it not really helped me. I think from 100% it removes only 10%. I tried to washed few times but when I understood that it will take me at least a month to remove my ginger color with this shampoo I decided to use another method. I read that olive oil helps to remove hair dye from your hair. So I put oil on my ginger ombre hair on one hour, at that time I use hair dryer with heat, because it helps oil to put inside hair more quicker. After hour I washed my hair with normal shampoo (do not use conditioner after that..!!) And it really help to remove this ginger color from my hair. After that at next day I bought 'London Bleach Diy Dip Dye' to bleach my hair, as always  (I use this kit few times and I always was happy with result). After I bleach my hair,  I decided to use my new toner from La Riche Direction in color 'Silver', I never use this product before but I read good feedback about it so I decided to try it. I put this toner on my hair, leave it on one hour than when I washed my hair I understood that nothing is changed and my hair still light yellowish, I was in shock.. I still had my another hair toner from 'La Direction' in color 'Lilac' so I mixed silver with lilac and leave for another 30min after I washed it I was... it was horrible. My hair was mixed of purplish with white, pink and peach color..
 I was so upset I didn't knew what to do, and at morning I had tutorial in Uni with my tutor. So at morning I put my hair under my scarf and came to Uni after my classes finished I run to Superdrug to buy a new hair dye to save my hair. With all my love to Superdrug (and yes, I really like this shop) I wanna say that people who work there are useless they didn't help me at all. Only Google and my friend helps, after an hour in Superdrug I chose a hair dye which called 'Colour Freedom Metallic Glory' its a new hair dye in Super drug which cost £5.32 I bought quite dark grey 'Graphite Grey' because I was not sure that lighter color will work on my hair especially because on box it says that this hair dye will not work if you have yellow hair color and some part of my hair was yellow. But I was really impressed by this hair dye, firstly it smell good not like 'Loreal Feria',  secondly I leave it on 30 min ( in discerption it says 20min but I was so afraid that it will not work on me, so I leaved it on a bit longer) and it works! My hair was silver/grayish color! It didn't damaged my hair, still my hair soft and shine. I'm so happy!
I highly recommend this hair dye to people who wanna have silver hair.
I hope my post will help someone who wondering to change their hair color on silver or not and do not, make mistakes as I made.

Lots love,


  1. I'm always dying peoples hair silver for them.. after much practice myself I have it down to a science. Sadly most the time that involves A LOT of damage :/ but there's no way around it. Your hair looks great by the way, and I love your glasses!

  2. Hi did you apply this to just the bleached ends or all over including your roots?